Dead Rising 4 is Currently Being Developed by Capcom Vancouver, May or May Not be Exclusive

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Dead Rising 4 is said to be currently developed by Capcom Vancouver and rumors have started to spread on whether the zombie-killing game may or may not be made exclusively to the Xbox market.

Now Dead Rising 3 which was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive may not have been exactly the blockbuster they thought it would be, but still it was said to have sold well an somehow found its way to the PC market despite being “exclusive”. So is that enough basis to repeat the same for DR4? Is Capcom Vancouver not limiting their fan base by excluding the PS4 market?

Yes to exclusivity or No? As we wait for the final verdict we would love you get your opinions.

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  • Fisterbottom

    I say stay exclusive, I bet if Street Fighter 6 comes out it’ll stay PS exclusive. So why not DR4 stay Xbox exclusive.