Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Walkthrough

Leviathan Raid
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Today marks the release of the first raid added to Destiny 2 since its release on September 6th – the Leviathan Raid. Guardians all over the globe have been scrambling to get their power (light) levels up to a respectable number in order to be able to at least earn the right to take a peek in the front door.

The minimum light needed to enter the raid is 260 however, I recommend going in with no one under 280 as the enemies towards the end of the raid are a power level of 280 and it will be extremely hard for your team to finish the raid if you are all under power.

You will need a fire team of 6 as there is no matchmaking yet so jump onto the clan chat and tee up some sacrificial guardians. This brief walkthrough, coupled with your understanding of the general mechanics of raids, should be all you will need to get through (well that and some skill).

So let’s begin…..

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Walkthrough

Step 1

Up the temple you will see a portal, work your way up to it. No need to kill any of the enemies you see at this point as they will only attack you if you attack them, when you reach the portal it will zoom you up to the top. Head to the left of your entry point and look for relic keyhole holograms. Split your fire team into two teams – 3 to collect relics and 3 to guard. Two relics are located on the right hand side from your place of entry (Crossed Axe & Dog Relic) and the third is directly in front of the entry (Chalice relic). The runners will need to go locate these and retrieve them. Once you kill the ads surrounding the relic area the Standard Bearer will spawn, kill him, take the relic and slam it into the hole near the door located at the holograms. Don’t let the Cabal get too close to the central point or it will trigger a wipe.

You will need to repeat this next process three times:

After the relic is placed a Loyalty Counsellor and Psion will spawn. Enter the bubble that the Psion is in and melee it to remove the shield from the Standard Liberator and kill him. Make sure he is put down before he reaches the relic or he will remove it.

After the third rotation the door will open lead to Leviathan Raid loot chests, which contains a Legendary engram, the Calus’ Selected shader, and the Emperor Calus Tokena Token.

Step 2:

You are now in the next room, avoid the pools, they are bad for your health. You will see 5 plates, organize your team to get ready to step on one each at the same time to kick off the next section.

This next bit is a bit tricky to explain but basically you will all need to step on the center plate one at a time to get the ‘Psionic Protection’ buff. All four corner plates must have someone on them at all times during this so use the two who are in the center to rotate with those that are on the corner plates until everyone has the buff. (The four standing on the plates are helping to raise a weight up a chain which lowers to reveal 9 lanterns)

Kill the bather, stand on the plate and the chain will lower. Get relieved by someone that’s not on a plate, return to the center and get the buff. Repeat this process until all four chains have lowered (indicated by a loud gong sound).

Return to the middle, put your two most powerful Guardians to the sides of the middle to deal with the ads, while the other four stand on the center plate and shoot the lanterns on the chains. You will need to destroy all 9 lanterns, and quickly, otherwise failure to do so will result in having to start that area over again.

To exit the room locate the four golden levers on the walls and pull them in order of: top left, bottom left, bottom right, top right.

You only have a certain amount of time to shoot the lanterns. If you do not destroy them all you must do another phase. Once you destroy all 9 canisters you will complete this section of the raid.

During Step 2 you only have one revive available each, if a Guardian goes down you only get 30 seconds to revive them or you get wiped. If you take too long to complete the section, you get wiped. If you exceed your revives and don’t have enough players, you get wiped. Basically, expect to get wiped a few times.

You will now receive the Emperor Calus Token.

Step 3:

Rinse and repeat Step 1 however this time enter via door in the far right corner. This will earn you a loot chest containing glimmer.

Step 4:

You are now in the next room full of Cabal and Warhounds. Kill them and 2 Prism weapons will spawn. Two Guardians (choose your two most concise communicators) take a Prism weapon each and stay up on the cliff while the rest of the team heads into the safe room down below the golden statue.

The 4 Guardians in the safe room will see 4 Royal Spores spawn. Grab one each and head to the glowing flowers. This is where the two Guardians with the Prism weapons come into this as they will need to guide the 4 to these flowers. As the flowers are approached they will open, the two with the Prism weapons need to step into the light and shoot the flowers with the orbs which will give everyone a buff.

This process needs to be done very ninja like, alert no one that you are there until you have a buff of at least x55 (you might have to repeat the process 2-3 times to get this). You can then start killing the 6 major Warhounds (supers, shotguns, swords, best course of action). This will take up to 3 rounds, during which you will have to return to the safe room to get the spores again so you can build up your buff again to enable you to take on the hounds again. Each time you repeat this process it will get faster until you have taken enough health off the hounds. Defeat all the hounds before you can move on. If you take too long the Wahound’s Psionic howl will reset the area.

A loot chest will appear on top of the safe room containing random loot and an Emperor Calus Token.

Step 5:

Rinse and repeat Step 1 again this time entering the third door which is on the far right. You will now earn a chest containing glimmer.

Step 6:

Jump onto the round platforms, this will summon the enemies. You will see the meters under the pillars filling up as take them out and then 2 orbs will spawn. The 2 Guardians that pick them up will be transported into tunnels.

Communication is key here as the 2 that were transported now have to very quickly run through rows of gates. Some of these rows of gates have red circles and the team members outside the tunnels have a short block of time to shoot the glowing triangles located on the corresponding gate with no red circle (advised by the runners as to which they are). This will make more sense when you see it.

Continue to clear the path for the runners now that the main gate has opened. When the tunnel runners emerge they need to place their orbs in the fountain.

This needs to be completed 3 times by the 2 runners, with the 4th allowing all team members to grab orbs, enter the tunnel and place their orbs in the fountain. This will complete the trial.

Step 7:

You are now in Emperor Calus’ throne room. Give him a proper greeting and shoot the challis from his hand. He’ll enjoy your greeting so much he will start spawning enemies for you. Get to killing them and eventually Calus will choose 3 Guardian’s to teleport into a purple void where they will battle a huge projection ofhis head while the other 3 fight away in the throne room. Eventually 4 Psions with symbols above their heads will spawn – don’t kill them!

The 3 Guardians that are in the purple void will now start to see symbols on Calus’ head. Each of the 3 in the purple void needs to communicate to the 3 in the throne room which symbol they each see (these symbols are the same as the ones above the 4 Psions). Which ever symbol wasn’t called out is the Psion you need to kill. The barrier around Calus’ projected head will start to lower.

The 3 in the purple void need to get ready for a barrage of skull projectiles which they need to avoid until its complete and then orbs will spawn that will take them back to the throne room.

In the throne room there will be a glowing platform, everyone needs to stand on it to get the Force of Will buff. Attack Calus from there until he is invincible and then progress to the next glowing platform and continue attacking Calus. His attacks are very powerful so be sure to dodge them until you have defeated him.

Congratulations, you have completed the Leviathan Raid.

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