EA confirms that new Star Wars title will be coming next year

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If you were like me, you really spent some time playing Star Wars: Battlefront – and I don’t blame you, the game was good if not a little half-baked. However I was a little upset that there wasn’t a deeper exploration into either the newer trilogy, or the current trilogy.

Based on the their earnings call, Battlefront 2 is indeed a thing and only 1 year away from getting released. There isn’t much to go on just yet, but twitter user @VG_Dave shared this tidbit that he was able to uncover.


Are you looking forward to EA revisiting this franchise, or will your prior experiences tell you that this game has a force-ghost of a chance ending up in your collection?

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  • Jack

    I’m looking forward to a sequel, however, EA needs to show me some huge improvements & content.

    Last year’s Battlefront was a simmering ok game, but lacked so much. As good faith they should have released all current & future DLC for free; and of course refund all that bought into the Season Pass.

  • KoЯn68

    I want The Force Unleashed 3 or an action game like the one that got cancelled Star Wars 1313. That demo looked great.
    Also, where’s Dante’s Purgatory EA? :/

    • Oohh Dante’s Purgatory. Nice. I loved Dante’s Inferno! Star Wars 1313 looked awesome as well.. hope they bring it back.

      • KoЯn68

        Me 2. But E.A has probably quit on the Ip already…sadly

  • Hellspawn Death

    Sooooooo…….is this going to be the next Call of Duty or are the games actually going to be different from each other?