GOG Adds 6 New Currencies

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REJOICE PC Gamers! For GOG.com have finally added a few more currencies to their website! Previously, if you were from the USA, UK, Europe (specifically countries using the European Common Currency – Euros), Australia or Russia you were able to browse GOG and view those ever tasty prices being shown in your own countries wonga.

Now you can peruse GOG whilst seeing your very own countries prices if you reside in Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark.

This is a great addition to a great site that offers some of the best prices online for DRM-free gaming. You can also swtich currencies should you so choose by “using the drop-down menu at the website’s footer or by going to Account → Orders & Settings → Account and Locale.”

So go forth you Pretty Poles, you Cunning Canadians, you Super Swiss, you Niche Norwegians, you Stunning Swedes and you Dainty Danes and buy some games from GOG safe in the knowledge that you’re not being done by a dodgy exchange rate!

Are you from one of these countries? Are you glad GOG have made this change? Let us know in the comments below or in the RGM Forums.

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