More Call of Duty Titles coming for Backwards Compatibility?

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Logic would dictate that today’s Call of Duty’s Black OPS I Backwards Compatibility announcement would mean that other Call of Duty titles would eventually follow suit. How long however, is anyone’s guess.

While pondering this question, a quick scoping secret source managed to slide this screenshot into our inbox.

Note the “Join now to claim for XBOX ONE” link.

While it might seem odd to see the 360 version of Call of Duty Black OPS III, Call of Duty Black OPS II and Call of Duty Ghosts make a lot of sense. If true, this could mean that the whole Call of Duty library may be hitting the Xbox One as well. It may be the only way to play a WWII Call of Duty game this generation.

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  • Revolver Ocelot

    Try and claim that 55% of EA’s sales are digital. Present a chart which shows that only a thin slither of digital revenues are actually from full game downloads. Good job.

    I shouldn’t expect much from yet another Xbox fanboy trying to play journalist and failing miserably.