The Roadmap for Windows 10 on Xbox One

The Roadmap for Windows 10 on Xbox One
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Windows 10 on PC – exciting times! Numerous new features are being implemented that coincide with Microsoft’s “ONE” strategy and these features will be universal across all Microsoft devices that implement Win10, including Xbox One. Here’s a look at the roadmap for Windows 10 on Xbox One.

The preview program build will include previously Xbox only centric experiences such as game DVR, achievements, avatars and friends lists. The real question though is – when are Xbox One users getting Win10? Well, we now have some more insight into the roadmap for Windows 10 on Xbox One.


According to Phil Spencer via Twitter, it will be well after the PC, sometime in the fall to be more specific. Exactly what features Win10 will bring to the console aren’t really known but a staggered approach to the roll out was also confirmed via Joe Belfiore, the corporate Vice President of the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft.

So it seems that before Xbox owners can get a taste of Windows 10, PC and devices will have their fill first. I imagine we’ll find out more details in the months to come.

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