#XboxOrWeRiot is the result of Sony getting marketing rights for Call of Duty

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After today’s announcement that Sony now has the exclusive rights to Call of Duty (CoD), the Xbox CoD community is literally up in arms protesting about this marketing decision.

Xbox has had the exclusive rights for quite some time now, hence the reason that the entire competitive CoD scene is focused around Xbox.

Trending on all social media right now is the hash tag #XboxOrWeRiot

It’s a very clear message, gamers from all levels, whether it is amateur or MLG level are not impressed. These gamers have sunk hundreds of dollars into ensuring they have the top of the line equipment to play CoD on the Xbox competitively knowing that this is the console that will always have the upper hand as far as DLC goes…………… well at least it used to be.

Why did Microsoft Studios let it go? We can only imagine.

Why did Sony spend all their pocket money on a one month timed DLC exclusive? We can only guess.

What we do know is the Xbox CoD community is utterly unimpressed!

Oh did I mention that a petition has already been started: #XboxOrWeRiot Petition

Just a couple of examples for you:

Cod 2 cod 3 cod 5 CoD1 cod4

If you would like to hear some more chatter about this please see the latest instalment in the EXL Podcast:


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  • Graham Sands

    Please use this petition for the site please, this is the real one. Thanks a bunch! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keep-competitive-gaming-on-xbox-one-console

  • When people say there riot they wont Sony deserves this with cod xbox has had it long enough i know im an xbox fan but i love to go play on my ps3 games still and when it says ‘Oh god give xbox back the riots or we riot’ they mean there cry like a little baby and do nothing people have done this type of things at other places like wwe events and so force, and i say it again no one will riot there just complain like baby’s until Sony is like we give up here i say that the people rioting have no rights to say who deserves what so be quit and allow sony there chance with Call of duty for once

  • corvusmd

    This is CLEARLY under-cover fanboy work..trying to make it seem like it’s a bigger deal than it really is. No one REALLY cares…it’s an online game, so even if PS4 gets DLC slightly earlier…it’s still better on X1 anyway..so who cares?

    • DarthDiggler

      Oddly enough COD Ghosts didn’t perform as well on X1 as it did PS4 yet you still declare X1 the best system to play COD on? What criteria are you using? It’s not graphical benchmarks.

      • Aussie Gamer

        You are right … no one plays COD because of the pixel density …. COD plays better on XBOX not because the XBOX is better, but because the controller is better, because it is more stable and because that’s where the community for competitive COD is at. It’s not fanboyism, it’s the facts.

        • Sam

          Xbox controller is better according to who?
          That’s subjective. As someone that owns both consoles. The PS4 controller is better than the Xbone controller.

        • Suicidal1

          CoD played better on XBOX because it was developed on that platform and ported to Playstation. Now with the PS4 as the main development console that will change.

        • Asbo5

          Better controller??? WTF are you smoking son? M$ can’t even figure out where the left analog stick is supposed to go!

  • qdwx

    too bad nobody cares about xbox community anymore since they are the underdog now

  • corvusmd

    The funniest part about this is that it shows that despite what they said, this clearly affected PS fanboys more than they let on…cause TODAY it’s a “huge victory” Yesterday it was evil.

    • DarthDiggler

      What comes around goes around brah.

    • Ne0n1nja

      Huge victories for Sony fans are watching Xbox fans Cry. Lol I still wont play the franchise but I will drink the tears of the Depressed

  • Rody

    Lol, can you say Saaaaalty?

  • DarthDiggler

    Where is the evidence anyone was actually paying for this? I would assume that would be the case, but assumptions make an ass out of u and me.

    Likely the fact that PS4 has a bigger install base drives this the most.

  • B-Cro

    And it’s gonna piss them off even more then they realize we don’t even give a shit that we got the timed DLC.

  • rileyfreeman

    lots of assumptions. how do we know microsoft let it go? how do we know that sony spent money. Playstation has more than double the install base of xbox one. Financially it makes more sense for them to move on

    • DaveMcDave

      Actually, financially it makes more sense to release on both platforms simultaneously. So it’s a fair guess that $$$ changed hands for this (and Batman, Assassin’s Creed and Hitman).

      • Aussie Gamer

        Finally … someone with enough insight to speak logically!

  • Mi6

    The funniest thing is, I’m gonna buy the next call of duty solely for this reason.

  • Mi6

    I’m gonna buy the next call of duty solely for this reason.

    • Suicidal1

      It was OK when XBOX had exclusivity, now Sony out-spends Microsoft and all of the sudden it’s a problem. Get over it, quit your crying and move on. #CryMeARiver #WipeYourTears #DoYouWantCheeseWithThatWhine?

  • AerisBueller

    “the Xbox CoD community is literally up in arms protesting about this marketing decision.”

    Literally? So they’re actually arming themselves with weapons? This is bigger than I thought

  • Nick steele

    Guys calm down we PlayStation players should have exclusivestuff too its just a game and no I don’t like these stupid GAme consel wars its stupid get lives and stop fighting and sayingsony sucks well guess what Sony is a bigger company than Microsoft who just makes comptuers and xboxes

  • Gears

    Who cares. Sony Pony can have it if they want.

    HALO is the way to go. It’d be even better if we’re getting new exclusive Xbox One FPS other than HALO series