UPDATE: NEW INFO – Gears of War Beta for Xbox One being tested now?

Gears of War Beta
A new story was released about a Gears of War 1 remaster for the Xbox One via Polygon. This advises us that:

Microsoft and Black Tusk Studios are developing a remastered version of the original Gears of War for Xbox One, sources tell Polygon.

The re-release of Gears of War for Xbox One will include updated visuals and reworked cutscenes, courtesy of animation studio Plastic Wax, according to a source. Stills of Gears of War’s remade opening cinematic were shown to Polygon, offering a new look at the Locust invasion with updated visuals.

Getting excited, getting very excited over here! Stay tuned for further updates.


Well, this is a reach, I have to admit that up front. I have no solid information; no verifiable source to provide you, all I have is this image that was posted by an anonymous reddit user an hour ago.


According to ‘Mr Anonymous’ the Gears of War beta for the Xbox One is currently being tested.

I totally expected that, as I have been saying for MONTHS, we would get an announcement at E3 later this year confirming that either Gears of War 1 or Gear of War 3 would be released on the Xbox One.

This leak comes much earlier than I would have expected.

Can we put any weight into this? As an loyal Gears of War fan I want to believe blindly that this is confirmation that my rantings over the past several months have been correct.

I will keep a close eye on this and reach out to Black Tusk and Microsoft to see what I can find out for you and continue to keep you updated.