Why is everyone so hyped for Gears of War?

Why is everyone so hyped for Gears of War?
Why is everyone so hyped for Gears of War?
Even the mention of a character from the Gears of War franchise on social media sends Gears fans into a frenzy. Why is that?

Why are we so hungry for news about this franchise? Well it’s because we have been waiting for too long. The wait to hear any news about Gears of War 4 or #TheMarcusFenixCollection, feels like it’s taking an eternity.

We have all heard the debates about why Marcus should have his collection alongside the Chief and you know what, that are right. Damn straight he should get his collection!

Is it going to happen though? Is it really going happen? I say yes.

‘….but Bella why do you say that, what proof do you have?’ Well thank you for asking anonymous reader, please let me explain.Gears watermark

Gears of War is set to have its 10 year anniversary next year. So it’s getting to that time when the second largest franchise on Xbox can expect either a collection to be released or a remastered version of Gears of War 1.

Also, we have heard barely anything about Gears of War 4 so it’s HIGHLY unlike that we are going to see an announcement at E3 this year unveiling a release date for next year. I believe we are looking at 2017 at the earliest for this. I could be wrong but I’m feeling a remaster first, followed by the next installment.

Next up we have the fact that Black Tusk has hired developers for the Xbox 360 to work on Gears of War. Now we know that Gears of War 4 is being developed for the next gen console, so what are they possibly needed for? Well, porting the old gen over to the new gen of course.

rod furgoThen we have the fact that we pretty much have it confirmed that there will be a Gears announcement this year. Now that could be an E3 announcement for Gears of War 4, finally giving us some more details and a closer look at it, OR it could be that we are getting news of a remaster later this year or the collection coming in 2016 to tie us over until Gears of War 4 is finally ready.

shinobiNow there have been many arguments filed as to why the collection won’t work due to the experience that we had the Master Chief Collection, however look at the lessons that were learned from that experience. Do you think they would go down that track again if they did not take away a lot of valuable data from the experience and apply that to future collections?

The Master Chief Collection was a bundle of games that were all running on different engines, so I am not surprised that there were so many initial issues with the multiplayer. Gears of War 1, 2 and 3 however, were all built on the Unreal 3 engine. This means that it will be very easy for MS to provide a smooth and enjoyable online experience on the Xbox One without many of the issues The Master Chief Collection faced.

TMFCNow, we are talking about one of the biggest and most popular IPs of all time here, do you really think that MS are going to just leave that sitting on the shelf collecting dust? I think not.

You ask any Gear head out there, yes they want #TheMarcusFenixCollection for the Xbox One, but is that all they will settle for? No. Any Gear head will gladly take Gears 1, 2 or 3 remastered for the Xbox One.

We just want our Gears.

We don’t care how it’s delivered to us, we just want it.

I guarantee that the day we get a remastered version of Gears of War for the Xbox One, online lobbies for Destiny, CoD, Battlefield etc, will be ghost towns as everyone will be on Gears of War.