Black Ops 3 NOT being developed for last gen by Treyarch

Black Ops 3 NOT

Black Ops 3 NOT being developed for last-gen consoles by Treyarch? This seems to be a reoccurring question, no matter how many times it’s asked and answered people keep asking the same question over and over again.

Is Black Ops 3 being developed for last gen as well as current gen?

David Vonderhaar has been very, VERY specific when it comes to answering this question, advising that “Treyarch is not developing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for anything other than Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC”.

Since day 1 there has been disclaimers on all marketing material for Black Ops 3 advising that “actual platform availability and launch date(s) to be determined.”


This is due to the primary focus for the moment being placed on the current versions of this game. All too often over the past 1 ½ years games have been judged before they are even released on the fact that they are being developed for both current and last gen consoles.

So it stands to reason that since Treyarch are NOT developing the game for last gen, that they would only discuss or market the current gen version.

We have seen many times in the past where are a 3rd party studio will take on the role of porting games like this from current gen to last gen and that is exactly what you can expect with Black Ops 3. This is exactly what happened with last year’s installment in the franchise, Advanced Warfare, which was taken care of by High Moon Studios not Sledgehammer.

There is altogether too much money to be had by releasing this game on last gen as well as current, however those who choose to linger in the past on the old gen consoles need to understand that you are only getting ports from here on in and even that won’t last long.

If Black Ops 3 was not going to be released on last gen then a very clear statement would have already been made stating as much, instead all that was said is that Treyarch are only developing it for current gen. Activision have also jumped onto this secretive style of marketing, never at one point saying it’s not coming to last gen and instead placing a disclaimer on their marketing advising platforms are subject to change.

Why all the smoke and mirrors? Well as I mentioned before, people judge games for the simplest of things, prior to release, and what gen’s its being developed for is one of those.

I think Treyarch would like you to focus on the game, the story line and your anticipation for it and not what console it will or won’t be on. They have been very clear that they will not be working on last gen therefore all their time and resources are being focused on the current gen version.

So please, stop asking the same question over and over again as you are only going to get the same answer.

E3 should most certainly tell us more.