COMBOBULATION – The Canadian Nightmare



Clan: The Devils Parade

Hey, it’s Combobulation (com-bob-u-ation) aka The Canadian Nightmare!

I am 24 years old and have been into gaming since I was very little. Starting with the original Nintendo and then moving to the Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and then saving my money to get an original Xbox second hand.

I started out with Call of Duty 3 and I was untouchable and I absolutely loved it. I then purchased World at War and this was when I met our Commander and Chief Aizen26.

That is when we decided to start up The Devils Parade (yes, I am one of the originals!). I have been a part of this clan for over12 years and am proud to see our family growing.

My game play style is a little bit of everything. I can push you around or I will wait for you to come to me. I mostly play objective based modes like Domination and Kill Confirmed but I am flexible with almost any game mode.

In Domination on some maps I will be the guy taking your only flag from you and there is nothing you can do about it and on other maps I’m the protector of the middle flag. We are like a well-oiled machine and everyone knows what their role is on every map. So you might have an SMG in your face or you might be getting shot by my sniper.

I like to play Call of Duty, Ryse Son of Rome, Battlefield, and other random games that catch my attention. Summer time I don’t play a lot because I’m out and about in the heat but the winter time is when I do most of my gaming! (I mean…what else is there to do when it’s -40 Celsius) and for all you Americans that is -40 Fahrenheit, the balance out there.

No matter what happens in our lives THE DEVILS PARADE will always march on!