Get Unlimited Crowns in The Witcher 3

Unlimited Crowns in The Witcher 3
Are you forever searching your pockets for some crowns? Perhaps you need to feed off your Dwarven Beer addiction but alas your a drunk and broke, we’ll we can help! So this exploit totally legit way to gather crowns to spend within The Witcher 3 is pretty easy to do and if you manage to pull it off right you should be grabbing around 1000 Crowns a minute.
  1. Your gonna want to head on over to Novigrad and get to the Hierarch Square merchant. Now act like a child in a candy store and buy as many Shells/Sea Shells as possible. Don’t worry about not leaving some for. the real shell enthusiasts. As soon as you exit the store his inventory will replenish.
  2. Now skip on over to the armorer next to the merchant and get all those shells dismantled into Pearls and Black Pearls.
  3. Sell those Pearls right back to the armorer until he’s broke. Oh, and if he tells you he can go to an ATM he’s lying!
  4. Now your gonna want to meditate for 5 days, you know contemplate on how rich your gonna be….dwarven beer, dwarven beer, beer, beeeer, (unrecognisable frothing). 
  5. After the 5 days are up sell whatever pearls you couldn’t whore out to him the first time.
  6. Now repeat all this again and you should have enough crowns for all the Dwarven Beer you’d need to destroy your mutated liver.

    Some times in life it all comes down to Money or Beer