Legendary Supply Drop Loot on the way in, Retired Supply Drop Loot on the way out

Legendary Supply Drop Loot

Sledgehammer Games has announced the latest additions to Supply Drops. On the way to Xbox this June 9th is Legendary Supply Drop Loot, and leaving us is a list of Retired Supply Drop Loot.


Legendary Supply Drop Loot:

If you thought Elite was the be all and end all then think again, now there is Legendary sitting above Elite in the rankings system.

Have you heard of the Sentinel CL Gear Set? There is only one in existence so I am not surprised if you haven’t, all eight pieces of the gear will be available in Regular and Advanced Supply Drops.


Retired Supply Drop Loot:

Be careful what you trade in between now and June 9th and you could potentially be getting rid of something that you can never get back again.

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The selection of items that are being retired will be recognizable by the fact that it shows up in red, so you will easily be able to see what items are on the way out.

As usual, PlayStation and PC will receive this update at a later date, approximately mid July 2015.