You can now watch Netflix via Firefox without a pesky plugin

Netflix via Firefox
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Techfrag advises that the recent update to Firefox now allows you to be able to watch HTML 5 videos without the need of a plugin being installed. Yup, this means watching Netflix via Firefox natively, without anything else.

Available now on PC & Android is Firefox 38 which allows for both DRM and anti-DRM users to choose which version they want to run.

Along with that new feature the recent update has fixed some bugs (to be expected) and has also set the pavement for a new preference tab & Extended Support Release (ESR) which will manage your desktop. This isn’t yet available but will be implemented soon.

So if watching Netflix on your PC previously wasn’t possible due to plugin’s not being compatible or you just didn’t wanting to have to install one simply to watch Netflix, you no longer have that problem.

If you already run Firefox you will receive an update automatically, however if you are not but would like to install the new browser please visit here.

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