Dishonored II accidentally confirmed by Bethesda

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Earlier today Bethesda announced that they were going to do a test run on Twitch ahead of tomorrow’s presentation.

Not long after they announced that their test had run smoothly it was reported that their Twitch stream exposed more than it was meant to.

Whilst discussing their conference for tomorrow their Twitch stream reportedly went live meaning anyone that was tuned in was able to hear them discussing plans for their conference including the announcement of Dishonored II.

bethesda 2

bethesda 1

I wasn’t viewing the live stream so for the moment this is definitely sitting in the rumor category however we only have one day left to wait to find out if this is in fact the case or not.

This is the audio capture of the alleged leak: (this may be removed by Bethesda at any time so I apologize it the audio is no longer available at some point)

Head back on over to EXL Gaming tomorrow to find out more details as we will be sure to update this article for you to let you know if we have in fact just had an accidental early confirmation of Dishonored II.