New patch now available for Advanced Warfare

New patch now available for Advanced Warfare

There’s a new patch now available for Advanced Warfare.

All platforms apart from PlayStation 3 (coming soon) can access this update.

Here are all the details from SHGames:

DLC 3 / Supremacy Content [Xbox One / Xbox 360]
  • New Maps Added for Multiplayer: Skyrise, Parliament, Kremlin, and Compound
New Playlist Added for DLC 3 Maps:
  • Supremacy maps added to Hardcore Mosh Pit
  • Part Three of the Exo Zombies Saga: Carrier. We’re working with HMS to resolve a rare issue with Advanced Warfare (360) Supremacy Compatibility Pack – Exo Zombies Only. If you’re experiencing issues, please visit Activision’s Support Site here.
  • Supremacy TDM; Grapple; Moshpit
In-Game Updates:


  • [Xbox 360] Solved crash when rapidly entering and backing out of Create-a-Class menus.
  • Fixed a rare issue when a splitscreen guest player would have their weapon removed from their loadout when starting a match.
  • [Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 4] Fixed a rare crash issue for players using splitscreen and joining a lobby.
  • Solved an issue with player connectivity to some online services after disconnecting from the Combat Readiness Program.
  • The Flak Jacket perk now prevents weapon flinch when taking explosive damage from lethal equipment.
  • The Hard Wired perk now prevents weapon flinch when taking explosive damage from tactical equipment (Stuns, EMP)
  • [PC] Improvements to frame rate.
Weapon Updates:
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Variable Zoom Scope overlay would temporarily disappear after respawning.
  • [Xbox One / Xbox 360] Fixed an issue where the M1 Irons’ attachments would be reset in Master Prestige ranks.
UI Updates:
  • [PlayStation 4] Fixed an issue where the lobby could display the player doesn’t own the DLC, when they already own it.
  • [PC] Solved an issue where emblems were not displaying correctly in computer setups using SLI cards.
  • [PlayStation 4] Fixed an issue for the total number of friends displayed in the Friends list.
  • [Xbox] Added two new categories for loot, Retired and Legendary. [Details here] [FEATURE LIVE on June 9th]
Challenges Updates:
  • The “Pincushion” and “Deadeye” medals are now awarded correctly when using a Crossbow variant.
Scorestreak Updates:
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo count for a rippable turret head scorestreak would display incorrectly with the akimbo weapon UI.
Ranked Play Updates:
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to access the “New Items” list if a Reinforcement package was in the list.
Game Mode Specific Updates:
  • Players will now receive an error message of “invalid surface” if firing the Exo Grapple at a friendly teammate in the Exo Grapple Playlist.
  • [Xbox One / Xbox 360] Replaced the MK14 weapon with the M1 Irons in the Gun Game progression.
Map Specific Updates:
  • [PC] Fixed out of map exploit on Defender.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy System Hack could remain on screen while using the Super Serum on Site-244.
  • [Xbox One / PlayStation 4] Made improvements for performance issues near the “B” Domination marker for the Site-244.
  • Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.
Exo Zombies Updates:
  • Fixed various out of map exploits allowing players to remain in place and not be attacked by zombies.
  • Fixed an issue where the secondary weapon name would not show up after switching from the OHM in shotgun mode.