To Scuff Infinity or to Microsoft Elite, that is the question!

It’s hard not to get excited when Scuff gaming, the champions of controller modifications, and Microsoft the mighty Console designers, both announced around a similar date the anticipated arrival of the next generation controller.

I’ll just briefly go over the new additions to the Scuff Infinity and the Microsoft Elite as their reveal trailers really do speak for themselves.

Let’s watch the Scuff Gaming Infinity Controller clip first and see what they have installed for us gamer’s who really like to take it to the next level.

So as you can see Scuff has now included the ability to remove and swap over the control sticks. This process they advertise as being very simple. Scuff also has the choice of two or four paddles, trigger stops, and button remapping. These options have been available for some time though. Scuff gaming also put a lot of focus on different skins supplying a great range of hot looking controllers. I’m very happy with my Scuff “Avenged” and will certainly continue to shop with them.

Now let’s check out the Microsoft elite clip and see what they have done with their new version of controller.

Wow! Just wow! This controller looks extremely sleek and streamlined. Compared to the standard Xbox One controller they have added quite a list of new additions.

  • Starting with a more precise analogue stick system allowing for finer movements.
  • Four paddles that sit under the hand grip pieces allowing easier access. Unlike the scuff that places them directly under the battery pack.
  • Hair trigger locks that are set at the easy slide of a button.
  • A new design in the direction pad that allows for a more accurate range of movements. This will certainly help in those fighting games that require quick movements as we button mash away. This new D-Pad can also be swapped out for the standard one.
  • Interchangeable control sticks that swap over with the greatest of ease.
  • Complete button and paddle remapping.
  • Two slide buttons that affect the sensitivity of how the analogue sticks respond.
  • Designed for Xbox One and Windows 10.

So we can see there’s quite a list of new additions to what used to be a stock controller that now looks like a quality piece of pro-gaming equipment. This state of the art controller is due to release in October 2015 with a ERP of 149.99$.

In summary I will certainly be picking up a Microsoft Elite Controller and will also continue to shop through Scuff Gaming. Considering Scuff purchase their controllers direct from Microsoft I’m sure once they get their hand on the Elite bad boy they will do wonderful things with it. Let alone the amazing job they do just on the aesthetics I’m sure exciting products will continue to flow out of Scuff Gaming.