Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Official: Inside Rainbow #2 – The FBI-SWAT

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
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Are you keen to get your hands on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six on October 13th later this year?

Well here are a few more reasons that you should be getting excited!

Become a part of the team of experts in close quarters battle and hostage rescue. Assembled from special forces teams around the world – the Counter Terrorism Units (yup I automatically think of Jack Bauer too!).

Ash: Equipped with a custom M120 Compact Riffle developed to breach through windows, floors and walls from a distance. When ‘Ash knocks’ you had better seek shelter.

Pulse: Capable of tracking suspects’ heartbeats wherever they hide. Biometrics genius.

Castle: To secure doors and windows Castle carries a portable bulletproof panel that can be rolled like a blanket but fold like a fortress.

Thermite: Equipped with “The Brimstone” a remote detonating rolling mat he can cut metal like butter.

However, if you want to be a part of the beta you had better hurry up and pre-order!


Here’s the video description:

Rainbow is an elite team composed of members of the best Special Forces units from around the globe. In this new episode of “Inside Rainbow” we’re telling you more about the FBI SWAT operators and their specific Siege ability. Follow the blog at to learn even more about Thermite, Ash, Castle and Pulse.

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