XP Bonus Gear & New Royalty Weapons on the way to Advanced Warfare.

Sledgehammer Games have been thinking up new ways to keep you entertained in Advanced Warfare. Today they have announced the inclusion of XP bonuses for having full gear sets and also new Royalty weapons that are on the way.

So starting with the new XP Bonus:

Have you been collecting entire outfits from your supply drops? Well now it’s time to put it all on as you can now earn XP bonuses for wearing full sets of gear in game.

The bonus you receive is a + 5% XP bonus for all online games that you play. If you are uncertain if you have a full set of gear check out this list below that shows the sets which will be eligible for the bonus XP. More sets will be added at a later date.

This bonus XP will kick off June 23rd and be available on all platforms.


New Royalty Weapons:

Available as of June 23rd but only to Xbox One this time is new Royalty variants to weapons. These are Elite variants which you can earn from Supply Drops.


PlayStation 4 and PC will get these added in about 1 month’s time however Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will not due to hardware restrictions.


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