Haven’t pre-ordered The Division but want to play the beta? Here’s how

The Division: brought to you by Ubisoft, is one of the most anticipated games yet to hit the market. Which means the Beta is not far around the corner.

Want in? To 100% secure your Beta code you need to pre-order the game to have guaranteed access. However, if you’re not keen to pre-order the Ubisoft website for The Division is taking applications for a waiting list, though they have stated there will be limited access codes given out in this process.

To register you will need a Uplay account so if you don’t already have one it will only take you a couple of minutes to create one.

The Division’s Beta comes first to Xbox One in December and then PC and PlayStation 4 in “early spring” of 2016.

So go secure that pre-order or you can take your chances in the beta roulette with the waiting list on the above linked website.

This game is certainly going to be a sensationally long anticipated, SnowDrop engine covered game of intentness.