Mountain Dew & Doritos Black Ops 3 promotion confirmed

Back in May of this year we reported on what was then leaked information advising that Mountain Dew and Doritos were bringing back the dew DBL XP bonuses you could earn for Black Ops 3 by buying specially marked bottles of Mountain Dew and bags of Doritos. The leaked image at the time was of the Berry Lime flavour Mountain Dew.

Today that has been confirmed along with further details about the promotion and launch date.

This promotion will be available to gamers on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will kick off in the US on October 5th 2015.

The DBL XP can be used in the Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil Zombie mode and each code will last for 30 minutes.

In this new Zombies mode your progression is based on an XP system, so fans of Mountain Dew and Doritos that are in the US will really have an advantage here.

With any luck maybe they will spread their wings a little bit with that promotion this time around and give the rest of the dedicated Call of Duty fans that are not in the US a chance to take part also.

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