Multiplats with exclusive content should NOT be the same price!

Exclusive content, is it all its cranked up to be? Should two parties pay the exact same money for the exact same game but not get an equal service?

You wouldn’t pay full price for a console with no cables, or a disk with no booklet, so why are we paying full price for games that don’t provide an equal service simply because they are on a different platform?


So let’s set the scene here.

I walk into my local games store with a hundred dollars in my pocket to buy the next Call of Duty, or any other multiplat that has exclusive content, and at the same time someone else enters the store with their one hundred dollars to buy the same game.

We both hand over the exact same amount of money and receive the exact same game back expect that one of us gets a copy for the Xbox One and the other gets a cops for the PlayStation 4.Xbox One

We both head home, spend very similar amounts of time and data installing the game and are now ready to play.

So at this stage you would think that all is as it should be and that the publisher is justified in charging us the same amount of money for this game.

UNTIL you realize that half of the game that you just bought which is made up of DLC won’t be coming to your platform for an entire month after it hits the PlayStation 4

As far as I am concerned waiting one month is no big deal, even as a Clan Leader this doesn’t impede my clan’s ability to participate or compete so it’s really more of an annoyance than anything else.

What does bug me though is that by the end of the cycle of this game all those playing it on the Xbox will have had one month’s less access to the last quarter of the content.SCALES

Doesn’t seem like much when you break it down like that does it?

Or is it? Should you be penalized because you play on one platform and not the other? Should you be charged the exact same amount of money as someone who is getting full content and access?

Honestly, I don’t think so.

I’m using Call of Duty as my main example here because it’s one of the most commonly known exclusive content deals around.

For years now PlayStation have been on the raw end of this deal and they should never have had to pay the exact same amount of money as what Xbox gamers did.

PS4If you are going to be penalized for not playing a game on a particular platform when that game is specifically developed for multiple platforms you should not be charged the same price.

We all have our own opinions on exclusive content including those that couldn’t care less either way but I really want to hear from the gamers out there that do purchase multiplat games.

What do you think? Are you okay with this kind of set up? Do you agree that everyone should pay the same but not receive an equal service? Or do you think that the practice of exclusive content needs an overhaul?