Who wants to be Han Solo?

Who wants to be Han Solo?. In an upcoming release from Lucas/Disney films there’s a lot of speculation as who will take on this iconic role as the movie is set when Han is in his younger years. Sorry Harrison Ford, pumped to see you in the latest Star Wars, but younger blood is needed for this role.

This movie is set to release in 2018 so I imagine all kinds of actors are lining up for the role, as they are even considering a female to mix up the dynamic. Who do you think will fill the boots of such an epic character?

Let’s have a gander at those who might be eligible to play the role of the “Scruffy nerf-herder” to melt the hearts of the galactic female audience and empower us male fans who thrive off Han’s casual space jumping ways.

A link from “The Guardian” has thrown out a few suspects that could embrace the role to its full potential. First is Chris Prat “Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic Park“, Michael Angarano, and Nick Robinson.


Next we have Dave Franco, Michael B Jordan, and John Hutcherson from “Hunger Games”. I personally can see John with longer hair and a boss attitude replicating Han’s style and taking to the screen fixating the ladies audience.

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Then the last 2 that were under speculation are Shia LaBeouf, and Ellen Page. I would like to add myself to that list as I have always been a major fan of the Star Wars dream since a child and would love to boss a Wookie around, flying the Millennium Falcon through a heavy asteroid filed and then shooting the bounty hunter Greedo under the table.

Time will tell folks, so hit the hyper drive stick and brace yourself, as a lot of new Star Wars adventures are just a light speed jump away.

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