Be a part of the development process of Press Play’s next game

Press Play are embarking on their next development journey and they want you to be a part of it. Not just by sitting back and watching progress videos but by actually being a part of the development process.

There are three different development projects up for consideration, the gaming community have been asked to assess each of these concepts and then vote on which one they want Press Play to develop.

The three projects up for voting are:

Project: Dwarka

An action-packed first-person co-op game, set in a dark fantasy world. Team up with a group of friends to become a band of legendary dwarven treasure hunters, and explore a procedurally generated underworld filled with gold and monstrosities.


Project: Karoo

A physics based multiplayer construction game set in an open world. Build complex machines out of simple blocks—you can build any type of vehicle you can think of, and use it to go on adventures.


Project: Knoxville

A 3rd person multiplayer action-survival game in which players must both work together and against each other. It goes further than any game when it comes to dynamic relationships and spectator interaction, and makes you wonder: “How far will you go to survive?”


Follow this link to cast your vote on the concept you are most interested in and take your first step towards being a part of the development process.

“Together with the community, we will choose and develop our next game. We have been doing some early experiments on three different concepts and we want the community to help choose the one that we will take forward to the next stage of development. Please check them out, provide feedback on them, and vote by September 1st. We will announce the winner here on September 8th. After that, we will work together to develop the concept into our most ambitious game yet. We hope you will join us!”