Beyond Eyes will pull at your heart strings

Have you ever been afraid? Too scared to venture out and embrace the world? Well that is the world that little Rae, a 10 year old girl who was blinded at a young age lives in.

First shown at E3 2015, Beyond Eyes is a tail of strength, courage and acceptance.

Rae’s closest friend, her cat, has gone missing and Rae is devastated. She loves her best friend dearly but has been too scared to leave her family home and venture into the vastness of the unseen world outside her home.

Knowing that she can’t be without her best friend she musters up the courage to take the leap and leaves her home on an adventure to rescue her best friend.

It’s hard to not have an emotional reaction when you play this game, if nothing else it reinforces just how much some of use take for granted.

Don’t let the stigma surrounding the term ‘indie game’ turn you away from experiencing this journey with Rae. It’s well worth your time and is available to download on Xbox One now.