UPDATE: Code redemption broken stand by for updates – Black Ops 3 Beta is live NOW on Xbox One and PC


The code redemption is still having issues however we have found a work around for you. Click ** THIS LINK  ** for all the details and start downloading your beta.


Please note that Treyarch have identified an issue with the redemption of codes and are working now to resolve it. We will update you once it has been fixed

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If you have been sitting on the side lines for the past week watching those on the PlayStation 4 playing the Black Ops 3 beta it’s now your turn. The beta has started rolling out for Xbox One and PC players who pre-ordered Black Ops 3.


To active on the Xbox One:

If you pre-ordered your copy of Black Ops 3 via a retailer you were emailed a code which you need to enter into the Call of Duty website redeem code page.

From there you will receive an email which contains 3 beta codes, one for you and two to give out to two friends. These codes are being emailed out in waves so if you haven’t received yours yet just sit tight because it’s on the way.

If you still do not receive your email by later today and are becoming uncertain if you activated your code correctly you can check if you are registered via the Call of Duty Website.

If you pre-ordered Black Ops 3 digitally via the Xbox One store you can start downloading via your Xbox One now, no codes needed.

Be sure to have at least 13.73 GB of space free as that is the size of the beta.


For those on PC:

If you pre-ordered via a retailer codes are being sent out via email now so be sure to check your inbox.

If you pre-ordered via Steam you should be able to see the beta there in your library, if it has not appeared there yet, simply check back shortly.

The size of the beta for PC is a 13.1GB.

You should also be aware that if you are playing the beta on PC that the Paint Shop feature is not available during the beta however it will be in in the final version of the game.