Final Fantasy XV Simultaneous Worldwide Release

In 2016, Square Enix is going to be performing a global release of FFXV to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers all at once – world wide – to everyone!! So only get excited if you have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. It could also be a nice gift to give to a friend, lover or partner that is a Final Fantasy fan.

In this article that I came across on, Hijame Tabata told IGN that:

“It’s always been the export model, where it comes out in Japan first and is then exported to other territories. We’re not doing that this time; we want to go full global release.”

It’s very likely the game will be made available for purchase through both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 online stores and video game retailers.

I think it’s a smart move strategically for Square Enix. It goes to show that with the domestic market borders shrinking, Square Enix is looking at global markets and wants to place itself as an innovative leader among the gaming developer titans.

However, enough about the global release, check out the trailer (if you haven’t already!)