Round 2 of the Developers Workshop Podcast is on the way

Round 2 of the Developers Workshop Podcast is kicking off this Saturday at 2 o’clock PST and we have an amazing line up of developers joining us to discuss their studios, their current projects and also to answer questions live from you.

If you are a budding developer who would like to hear from devs who have sound industry knowledge, or perhaps have some questions that you would like to ask to help with your own development process then be sure to tune in. To register to attend the event click HERE.

Joining us for round two we have:

Jay Adeloye who is from Drop Dead Interactive. They are currently developing an upcoming title called Gear Gauntlet that will really test your skills and patients levels.

Up next is Kristof from Crazy Viking Studios. You will be familiar with one of his most recent games called Volgarr the Viking. If ever there was a game that puts you through your paces this is it. This is a game that is not for those who give up easily.

Also joining us is Aiden Price from eastasiasoft. These guys are developing a really exciting title called Lost Sea. Be sure to stop by their website and check out the full trailer while you’re waiting as it’s quite entertaining.

Last but definitely not least, we have Ed Orman from Uppercut Games. You will be familiar with their most recent title Submerged which has only just been released.

pink 2If you would like to submit a question in advance to the workshop you can do so by sending it to [email protected] and we will ensure it is passed onto the developers.

So don’t be shy, register your attendance for the event now so you get a reminder on the day and we look forward to chatting with you soon.