Single item supply drops are being given the bin treatment in Advanced Warfare

We all know how much hard work it can take sometimes to actually get rewarded a supply drop in Advanced Warfare. On occasion it almost seems like if you want to get your hands on them quicker you are better off having a few bad games in a row just to see it pop up on your screen, but no one wants to do that.Tweet

The icing on the cake though is when you finally do get your supply drop and return to the lobby to eagerly open your loot drop and see what goodies await you inside it, you find that you only get one item, which quite often is something you already have anyway.

Sledgehammer Games have taken the feedback regarding gamers distaste for this and will be abolishing single item supply drops.

In addition, they are also adding Legendary Gear into the regular supply drops so you don’t either have to fork over cash to buy Advanced Supply Drops, or wait every 10 levels to be awarded one.

These changes will take effect on Friday morning, so if you get yourself a couple of supply drops on Thursday you may want to hold off on opening them as your chances of getting more and better loot in them will be a lot better on Friday.