Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey teaches little internet bully a valuable lesson

Ever felt like venting? Having a rough day in CoD so you jump on Twitter and abuse the head of the company that makes the game right?


Sadly though not everyone is able to refrain from compulsions such as that.

Earlier today one YouTuber in particular decided to seek out Michael Condrey’s Twitter account and send him this lovely pearl of affection:


Charming right? Well sadly for this individual, prior to sending the above heartfelt message onto the head honcho at Sledgehammer he neglected to ensure that his personal photos were in fact ‘personal’.

cod 2

Now what have we learned here today kiddies? Don’t abuse the sanctity of the anonymity that social media provides you.

Too deep? Ok, how about, if you have nothing nice to say don’t tweet the head of Sledgehammer and expect to walk away smiling from it.

cod 3

Be nice to each other, share your love for gaming and the industry. Let’s bring the community together and build better social networks.