Crazy Xbox Elite Bundle almost missed

A few days ago I got a sniff of a rumor that seemed too good to be true. After conformation today from EB Games Australia I can now tell you that the rumor is now a fact. 

As of now you can trade in your standard Xbox One 500GB console and controller and you can upgrade to the Elite Bundle for only $299 AUD.

Since the elite controller by its self is $199 AUD, you would be crazy not to pay the extra $100 AUD and get the 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Console to go with it.

There is one small catch to this, its only available  to Level 3 and 4 EB World members so silver or black card holders only.

If you’re not an EB World member yet its never to late to join:

However if you want to fast track to Level 3 head instore to your local EB Games shop and subscribe to Game Informer Magazine for 12 months for $29.95 AUD and get automatically upgraded to level 3 if your not already:

This is an extremely good deal that must be taken full advantage of.