PlayStation 4 Update 3.00 Incoming

PlayStation 4’s 3.00 system update will roll out on September 30th. Update 3.00 codenamed Kenshin will introduce a number of UI changes and a host of brand-new social features to the dashboard.

Users will now be able to share video clips directly to Twitter right from their PS4 via the Upload Video Clip menu. Update 3.00 also brings the ability to live stream directly to YouTube using the Share button on the DualShock 4.

The ability to take screenshots has been a welcome addition to gaming consoles and PlayStation 4 update 3.00 will now allow users to take higher quality PNG screenshots. PlayStation Plus will now be featured in a dedicated section on the PS4 home screen allowing users to locate and download their free games much easier.

Messages and Favorite Groups are getting an overhaul as well. It will now be easier to access your group of friends that you chat and play games with often. PS4 users will also be able to create communities based on shared interests, like games and genres.

As you can see this is a pretty sizable update that will bring many new features to the PlayStation 4 beginning tomorrow. There are a few highly requested fan requests that have yet to be addressed such as the ability to change your PSN username. That being said, update 3.00 hopefully marks the beginning of updates becoming more frequent and addressing some of the higher profile user requests.

Source: PlayStation Blog