Take a look inside the world of: Until Dawn

Buying games that are in a different game genre to what you are used to can sometimes be a big risk if you are not really familiar with the development studio and their particular style of content. Sadly this means that a lot of people sometimes miss out on what would have been a great gaming experience.

Is this you when it comes to purchasing Until Dawn? No need to miss out, you can just take a look into the world of Until Dawn with W0RRYWART and get a feel for the game first.

If you are a fan of games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls then this is the game for you. Until Dawn really showcases what has been the evolution of point and click adventure style games with traditional controls, high quality graphics and audio, interactive cut-scenes, the option to play as various different characters, and that good old fashion scare factor that most of us can’t get enough of.

The replayability of Until Dawn is quite extensive as each decision you make can changed on the next run though, giving you an entirely new experience. Search around for clues to further your journey in such a way that is really allows you to experience the world the way you want.