To digital or not to digital? Gamestop won’t play ball!

We have moved into a time in the gaming industry where digital games and downloads have now become the norm. Where once we felt the need to actually buy a physical disk so we could see it with our own eyes, more and more of us now are seeing the advantages to purchasing these games digitally.

For gamers who are collectors, or just are not yet ready to say goodbye to growing their dust covered collections, I can understand that this will be something that they will fight to the end and fairly so.

For those who are prepared to embrace this evolution and make the move to digital, the benefits most certainly outweigh the loss of that disk which generally spends most of its life just sitting on a shelf.

This also raises a new issue for retailers, who generally rely on the second hand game market to boost their sales and seep every last cent they can out of each customer from original purchase, to trade in, to new purchase.

Could this be why Gamestop are opting to not partake in the sale of digital games?

The Madden bundle was where we first saw this becoming clearly evident with Gamestop refusing to sell the bundles with the digital code and instead replaced it with a physical disk.

Should you be forced to buy the physical version if you wish to make your purchase from Gamestop? Many of us have been building up our loyalty points with companies like these for many years, so obviously we will continue to return there to make future purchases, but with this new stance that Gamestop is taking against selling digital codes, will that now see many of us part ways with this franchise?

When the culture of an industry shifts, should you not also shift with it if you wish to stay competitive in the market?

W0RRYWART takes a good look into the how, when and why of this issue below, take a listen and share your thoughts on this matter in the comments section: