Check out Blacksea Odyssey's Crystal Elderfish Boss: Glasslasher

Earlier this month Blacksea Odyssey announced the launch of their upcoming Alpha testing, which if you haven’t yet registered for you can do so here.

Today they are happy to share news of the second official boss of the Crystal Biome – Glasslasher!

This week, we’re announcing Blacksea Odyssey‘s second official boss of the Crystal Biome, Glasslasher!  If you played our game at OrlandoiX, you may have encountered him already. Glasslasher is an elderfish whose face is shrouded in sharp crystals. He also has three large crystal fins on each side of his body. Let’s not forget he’s larger than Krakhammer!

The Boss Battle Experience

As mentioned before in the Krakhammer post, boss battle’s involve deadly encounter’s with vile creatures of epic proportions. The harpoon mechanic plays a crucial role in boss battle’s because ripping the bosses apart with the harpoon is how the player defeats the boss.

To check out more details regarding this new boss head over to the Blacksea Odyssey Webiste which is where you can also register for the upcoming alpha testing.

Blacksea Odyssey will be coming to PCs and consoles in Spring 2016, in the meantime we will keep you up to date on how development is unfolding.