Destiny’s 'shotgun lovers' are about to feel the kick of a NERF

A patch is on the way to Destiny soon (date not yet confirmed) that will be nerfing the beloved (deeply hated) shotguns.

Bungie have announced in their latest weekly update that Update 2.0.1 will be removing a very important perk for those who enjoy the OP nature of the shotguns – the Shot Package.

What’s the impact of this? Well is less impact in fact, no more guaranteed one shot kills at close range!

Instead of the Shot Package perk will now have either: Close Crowd Control, and/or Personal Crown Control, OR Knee Pads. Knee pads?? Well Guardians do love to accessorize………….

The hope is, according to Bungie, that the Shot Package will be reintroduced in the future once they have been able to tweak it a bit here and fine tune it a bit there.

Will this bother you? Are shotguns only something that annoy you when you come up against someone else using them? Or is this ‘temporary’ nerf a major inconvenience for your gameplay style?