Get ready to test your reactions in NotDOBA

Today we bring you another EXL Indie Spotlight title – NotDOBA.

NotDOBA is a fast-paced turn-based 2 player duelling game where players second-guess their opponents in a bout of wits to control the game.

Set in the minimalist art style of today, players take control of the Bass-ians of graphic design past to once again conquer the forefront of modern day design.

Simple to play, hard to master!

Games are played across 7 maps with more to come in future updates!

Over the course of NotDOBA’s lifespan I’ll be updating it with free content, including new key configurations, maps, and stable code!

Half the fun of indie titles is you don’t go often go into them expecting to get addicted and realizing that you have just paid a stupidly low amount of money for hours upon hours of fun, NotDOBA is one of those games.

So grab a friend, convince them to give this a go with you and be sure to come back here and let me know just how many hours you lost playing this, just like I did!

NotDOBA will only set you back $3.49 US and can be downloaded HERE.