History of Call of Duty Zombies video & confirmation of more Easter Eggs than ever before in Black Ops 3

Jason Blundell from Treyarch has confirmed via Twitter that Black Ops 3: Shadows of Evil has more Easter Eggs than any other Call of Duty Zombies map previously released.EE

Also today, during the BO3Fridays live stream, Treyarch have revealed a new video which shows the history of Call of Duty Zombies.

Anyone who is a fan of the co-op mode in Call of Duty which is ‘Zombies’ knows that the Easter Eggs are one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspect of this game mode. Some Easter Eggs can take gamers months to find the right team to be able to actually get through them.

The hours spent trying and failing, getting within minutes of unlocking that achievement only to falter (half the time due to someone’s controller going flat or the ‘babysitter’ looking after the last zombie for that round while everyone takes a 5 minute break manages to lead it into the room we are all waiting in) and have to re-start all over again is somehow extremely appealing to those who love the Zombies mode.

I myself have spent sometimes entire weekends trying to accomplish what seemed like a labyrinth of clues and sequences to complete some of Call of Duty’s most challenging Easter Eggs, news that Shadows of Evil contains the most Easter Eggs ever placed in a single map both excites me and scares me!