One of November's free Games with Gold has been revealed early


This game has now been confirmed as being a part of November’s free Games with Gold and the full list of games can be found here.


Original Story:

Each month the anticipation of what games will be free next month with the Games with Gold program ends up being a a huge conversation among gamers.

This month we have received word early from a very reliable source as to what one of those games will be.

According to comments made by one of the developers of this game, you can look forward to one of 2015’s most intriguing indie IP’s – Pneuma: Breath of Life.

Released on February 2015, ‘Pneuma: Breath of Life’ is a mind-bending first person puzzler putting gamers minds to the test in a visually stunning world. ‘Pneuma’ provides players with a relentless determination to progress through an ever increasing plethora of challenging puzzles that require perception, observation, and lateral thinking skills to succeed.

If you would like to learn more about this game check out our detailed review.

Stay tuned for details tomorrow for what the other Games with Gold for the month of November will be.