YouTube launches YouTube Red – add free for a fee

YouTube seems to now want to tackle the market that is currently being dominated by Netflix by offering its new subscription service for $9.99 per month.

This monthly fee will remove ads, play across any device, and be available on any YouTube app such as YouTube Gaming and the upcoming Music App, and will feature exclusive content which will be added to the service next year.

This service will not be changing anything about the current state of YouTube, ads will still be hiding in every corner of YouTube as they are now, and only those using the paid subscription version will escape them.

Is this service something that will take off widely? Are ads that annoying to a large enough number of people that we will start to see a huge influx of people paying the $9.99 per month to be rid of them? If so, how will this affect those who generate income from the ads based component of YouTube?

I guess we will just have to wait and see how popular this new service ends up being.


Meet YouTube Red a new membership designed to amplify the videos and music you love. Watch ad-free videos whenever you sign in to YouTube or a YouTube app. Save videos to enjoy when you’re offline. And keep your videos playing while using other apps or with your screen off. Your membership keeps supporting the people who make your favorite videos, even while watching ad-free.