Adhesive Farming Method in Fallout 4 is Quick and Easy

Adhesives are a very sought-after material in Fallout 4. In fact, without a large supply, you’re going to be limited on how much you can upgrade things like weapons, armor, and power armor. When I first started playing, I would collect every piece of Wonderglue and duct tape I would come across in the Wasteland. It was never enough. There was always some upgrade I wanted that I couldn’t make because I didn’t have enough adhesive. That is, until I took a deeper look at the crafting system in Fallout 4. 

As luck would have it, there is an easy way to create adhesive in Fallout 4. Instead of wasting time looking for the resource in abandoned buildings and toolboxes, you can grow it at home – right in your own settlements. All you need is five simple ingredients. Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough of the process.


If you’re at work, or unable to listen. Here’s the method:

  1. Collect three of the following ingredients: Corn, Muttfruit, and Tatos.
  2. Make sure you have Purified Water available.
  3. Make sure you have a Cooking Stove.
  4. While using the Cooking Stove, tab down to the “Utility” section and select “Vegetable Starch.”
  5. Create!

Vegetable Starch breaks down into five Adhesives. If you’re smart, you can arrange the ingredients on your settlement in a way that allows you to harvest them quickly. This will help cut down the time if you’re trying to produce significant amounts of adhesive.

New to Fallout 4 and not sure where to get Corn, Muttfruit, and Tatos? You can find these items at some of the local farms surrounding Sanctuary Hills (such as Greygarden or Abernathy Farms), and food can also occasionally be found on raiders or bartered for.