Destiny’s 'Recruit a Friend' Campaign – play together, earn rewards together

The Destiny’s ‘Recruit a Friend’ campaign has been launched by Bungie with a new trailer that you can’t help but smile at.

Friends that game together, become legend together according to Bungie and to prove it they are offering a variety of exclusive bonus items for those who jump on board this campaign.

To ‘refer’ your friend to Destiny you need to visit the ‘Refer a Friend’ page and send them an invite:

Once your friend has accepted the invite and installed/activated their copy of Destiny you need to complete the Speaker’s quests together to receive your rewards.

The rewards listed in the trailer include:

  • Elemental Kinblades swords
  • EV-34 Vector Infinite sparrow
  • Duo Dance and High Five emotes
  • Infinite Link Shader
  • Sign of the Infinite emblem.