Five Fallout 4 PC Mods We Hope Make it To Consoles

It’s been almost a week since Bethesda unleashed Fallout 4 on gamers and their unfortunate families. Already we’re seeing modifications popping up for PC users to expand their control over the Wasteland. Recently, Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines spoke to Larry Hryb, Xbox’s “Major Nelson” – clarifying some plans for mods on consoles like the Xbox One and PS4. PC Modders can expect to see the official Fallout 4 Creation Kit in early 2016 (Xbox and PS4 functionality will follow), but some players have already begun making a few changes for PC. These are our early choices from that we hope can make the jump from PC to consoles.

Why hello, General.
Why hello, General.
  1. Craftable Ammo. This is one thing I felt was missing from Fallout 4 from the get-go. I miss the days of scavenging for materials to make your own ammunition in Fallout New Vegas. It was so much better than being scammed out of caps by those Brahmin-driving Wasteland traders. (Sure, I could pick the “Cap Collector” perk, but I’d rather spend that precious point on lockpicking or sneak abilities). But how would craftable ammo work in Fallout 4? Modder kr1ck has a reasonable idea: copper, lead, steel, cloth, and acid. Simple, no?
  2. A Deathclaw Follower. Have you ever wanted unnecessary panic attacks when you turn around and see your companion? Well, now you can thanks to BOTLANNER. The modder has created a creature follower mod that allows you to change your companion to a number of creatures. Appropriately, the creature is always named “Shaun.” Among the available followers are a Super Mutant Behemoth, gorilla, cat, and naturally, a Deathclaw.
  3. Clean Outfits. Does everything have to be grimy in the Wasteland? Roman200333 disagrees. The modder has created a nice, clean version of the Minuteman General Outfit, and it looks pretty spiffy. I enjoy technology as much as the next person, but surely there’s a way to clean clothes post-apocalypse. After all, history’s pioneers and explorers even managed to do it without electricity.
  4. Flags. Yes, yes. We know the game takes place in Boston. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to deck-out our settlements with some different flags. Modder JakeJericho has already made a flag for those in the U.K. that you can plaster all over Sanctuary Hills and the like. It’s not that outlandish for the Fallout universe, either. You might recall in Fallout New Vegas, there was an entire gang dedicated to the style of Elvis Presley – so I see no reason there couldn’t be a faction representing good old King George (and perhaps planning their own Tea Party?) in Boston. There are Fallout 4 players all over the world, so this kind of customization will likely be popular.
  5. A Quieter Generator. I was surprised to see someone else share my dislike of the generator. Modder Lemures understands, as do the 1k or so people who have downloaded the mod. Generators in Fallout 4 are loud, especially when you’re wearing headphones. Does this mod really add anything to the game? No, but it’s sure a welcome relief.
  6. Bonus: Vladimir Putin. I’m not going to make this political, or claim he’s responsible for the nuclear devastation in Fallout 4. I just want to see him ride a Yao Guai. Modder RussianSniper know’s where I am coming from.

It’s still very early for a wish list like this one and no one is exactly sure how Bethesda plans to handle mods on consoles. Yet, over the years people have come out with great and complex modifications for Fallout 3. We’re hopeful that Fallout 4 will see just as many high quality mods as its predecessor, and we’re very excited to see them come to consoles. Are you looking forward to anything in particular? Let us know in the comments.