Gear Gauntlet announces it will be releasing on the Wii U also!

Earlier today we were pleased at Drop Dead Interactive to announce that Gear Gauntlet will actually be making its way to the Wii U along with the Xbox One and Steam versions of the game.

Slated for 2016, Gear Gauntlet is a challenging twitch based side scroller that will put you through your paces. Don’t take your eye off that ball or you will meet certain fate.

Calling all Gear Gauntlet fans and Nintendo fans alike, we are very excited to announce that Drop Dead Interactive in collaboration with Crystalline Green are bringing Gear Gauntlet to the Wii U. Along with the Xbox One and Steam, the Wii U is a great platform, with a great following. We’re really looking forward to seeing Gear Gauntlet on the console and reaching an even bigger market. To keep up to date with all Gear Gauntlet news including its release on the Wii U, make sure you follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages as well as keeping a look out on our website.

You can check out the little teaser video for the Wii U announcement below: