Halo inspired apparel is now available from Musterbrand

If you are not already ‘Haloed’ out (which you most certainly should not be!) then it’s time to check out the new Halo inspired apparel range from Musterbrand.

Some, if not all, of these items are basically a must for any die-hard Halo fan.

The Halo Musterbrand Collection (yes I know, I know) was inspired by the question “What would Spartans wear when they’re off duty?”.

The range includes:

  • Flight Deck Officer
  • UNSC Outpost
  • Spartan Jackets
  • UNSC Workout Sweater
  • Catapult Jersey
  • UNSC Top Loader Bag
  • UNSC Protector Scarf

At this stage the collection appears to only be available in the United States via Amazon, Gamestop, Thinkgeek and of course the Musterbrand website.

I have to admit, as a Halo fan I am very tempted to pick up AT LEAST the Workout Sweater, how about you?

Halo collection