#IDARB multiplayer is on the way – updates inbound

Are you a fan of one of this year’s most popular indie games #IDARB? Two of the most requested additions to the game looks like they will be coming this January – 4 person multiplayer and achievements.

In a podcast today Mike Mika, the lead developer at Other Ocean Interactive, spoke with The Xbox Roundtable about upcoming updates to the popular ‘sports’ hit #IDARB.

The team seems to now be in an “update cycle” which will see 6 new arenas, a hit cam, skilled match making and many other very cool additions arrive in the game soon with another update to follow early next year.

Cross-play is also on its way, so that means Windows 10 gamers will be able to play #IDARB with their friends of the Xbox One! You will have the option to be able to choose to play with gamers on your platform only though or with those using cross-play, so you wont be forced into cross-play lobbies, you will have the option to play how you want which is fantastic.

If you would like to check out the rest of the podcast and learn a little more about not only #IDARB but Mike Mika’s amazing games collection check out the podcast below: