Nintendo Badge Arcade is the newest free-to-play title from the house of "N"

Nintendo is really making a push into the free-to-play arena with past titles such as Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball and Steel Diver: Sub Wars. They also made the announcement that the first five titles leading their smartphone gaming initiative with DeNA will all be free-to-play as well.

Enter Nintendo Badge Arcade, a new downloadable 3DS eShop exclusive title that also allows for micro-transactions within the game. Nintendo Badge Arcade is a type of crane game that allows players to collect various stickers and badges featuring Nintendo characters that they can then use to decorate their 3DS home screen.


As this is a free-to-play title the download is free as well as your first round of play but additional rounds of play will cost $1. You can earn a free play by picking up special badges and once per day yo can try your hand at collecting stickers at no additional cost. Be sure to check out the trailer for Nintendo Badge Arcade  below.

Source: Polygon