Battlefield: Hardline's Next Expansion Hits the Streets in 2016.

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have announced the next expansion for Battlefield: Hardline. The “cops vs. robbers” first-person-shooter will get new content in January, though the exact date has not been announced.

The new downloadable content dubbed “Getaway” includes:

Four new maps:

  • Diversion
  • Train Dodge
  • Double Cross
  • Pacific Highway

A new game mode:

  • Capture the Flag

And a variety of other goodies:

  • Four new vehicles
  • New gadgets for every class
  • Three new mechanic weapons
  • New melee weapons

Hopefully the new DLC can liven-up Hardline‘s player base. As usual, the new content will be available to Premium subscribers first (non-subscribers will have the option to purchase the DLC two weeks later).