Bloodborne servers quietly taken offline for "emergency maintenance" (Updated)

Update: We reported yesterday that Bloodborne servers were taken offline for maintenance but it appears that things are now back in order and the title is back online. Happy hunting!

Source: PlayStation (JP)

If you are trying to log into Bloodborne to play the titles one and apparently only DLC, The Old Hunters, you may be met with a bit of disappointment. According to an article on Kotaku the game has been quietly taken offline for “emergency maintenance.”

Bloodborne’s official Japanese Twitter account linked to a post explaining that this downtime is intentional, however the post reads:

“We are currently conducting emergency maintenance on the game servers. The maintenance should be complete within a few days. We will update you again once the maintenance ends,”

There have been no updates from Sony as of yet but hopefully the downtime won’t last too long and you will be able to resume the hunt with a summoned hunter in the world of Yharnam soon. You can of course still play solo but if you are looking to summon other hunters to help you during tough boss fights you will be out of luck unfortunately.