David Prien from Xbox talks about the Xbox One Elite Controller – will be more readily available soon!

The Xbox One Elite controller has been in the market for a few weeks now and is proving to be rarer then hen’s teeth. Even if you pre-ordered chances are you still haven’t got your hands on one.

There is good news on the horizon though. Program Manager David Prien has advised today in a podcast that the controller will in fact be more easily available in the New Year.

A lot of other very interesting information has been brought to light today regarding the creation of the controller, the direction it will be headed in the future and the work that Microsoft are doing to work with persons who have a disability to make the controller more functional for them.

There seems to be a long list of features that are already being ‘think tanked’ for the next controller, when that is slated for release though there was no indication of.

An interesting fact to come to light is that there is a piece of tech called the ‘zim’ that will allow PS4 gamers to actually use the Elite controller on their console – no more Dual Shocker mid game battery failures  for them!

For further details and to join the conversation catch the podcast below: